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Maps online

Using MAPresso you can visualize online your own data on a map. You'll have to paste your data (in correct order) into a text field. The following map datasets are available (we could add additional ones):

1 Choose an area

250 countries list
164 countries (externes example) list
2896 municipalities (as in 2000) + Switzerland list
2740 municipalities (as in 2006) + Switzerland list
1744 municipalities and municipality groups (as in 2003) + Switzerland list
1248 municipalities and municipality groups (as in 2003) + Switzerland list
184 Bezirke (as in 2000) + 26 cantons + CH list
(missing) 181 districts (as in 2001) + 26 cantons + Switzerland list
(missing) 184 districts (as in 2000) + Switzerland list
26 cantons + Switzerland list
106 MS-Regionen list
Canton of Zurich
171 municipalities list
City of Zurich
(missing) 202 statistical areas list
51 states (legend: e.g. 250/280) list
3111 counties list

2 Prepare your data

MAPresso expects data as a text with tabe "file":

  • 1. row; variable names
  • following rows: data for each areal unit
  • columns: variables

Important: the order of the values for the areas must be exactly the same as the in the boundary files(cf. the lists).

3 Copy data into the clipboard

4 Define parameters

Choose width of the map if desired add specific parameters

5 Start MAPresso

6 Paste Data

into the small orange field of the applet.

or use the data dialog (menu: "Data > Enter own data ...") 

7 Optimize your map

Some of the most used functions:

  • Modify the map colors: Menu "Colors"
  • Create a cartogram. If one of the entered variables is on absolute level, you can distort the polygons according to theses values (area cartogram) or you can produce a circle cartogram. Menus: "Geometry > Area/Circle Cartogram ..."
  • If you want to integrate the map into a publication, make a screenshot or you can export most of its content as EPS code and postprocess it in a graphic application (menu: "File > Generate EPS ...")

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