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The program mapresso.jar

Download the following jar-file and rename it to mapresso.jar

Latest Release: mapresso_13b161.jar.

A corresponding html-file

The html file (e.g. index.html) could contain the this applet tag:

<applet code="MAPresso.class" archive="./mapresso.jar" codebase="./"

width="1000" height="940">
<param name="xmap" value="10"> <param name="ymap" value="10">
<param name="xleg" value="575"> <param name="yleg" value="55">
<param name="nobs" value="299">
<param name="nam" value="myPolygons.nam">
<param name="geo1" value="myPolygons.psc">
<param name="geoname1" value="Districts">
<param name="theme1" value="Testdata">
<param name="themedat1" value="myTestdata.txt">
<param name="mtyp" value="1">
<param name="zoomtool" value="-1">

All files - mapresso.jar, the geometry file (here: myPolygons.*), and the data file (myTestdata.txt) - are in this example in the same directory as the index.html.


To have a complete starting example download the following example:.

Canton of Zurich, 171 communes: download this complete example (showthe example online).


Sample files:

Canton of Zurich

171 communes: psc / nam / cir / fil / wgt

U.S.A. counties

psc / psc.gz / nam

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