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Dorling Cartogram

The applet on this page is a Java implementation of Dorling's cartogram algorithm. The size of the circles is proportional to the size of the selected variable (selected in the pop up menu).

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Hidden Features

You can pick a circle and observe the behaviour of the algorithm.


The input to the applet consists of files describing the areal units (name, starting position, desired size with weighting variables in .dbf format) and their geometric relations (length and neighbours of boundary arcs). The geometry is derived from ArcInfo coverages.


Thanks to Mark Panning who's code is the base of this implementation. There are still some redrawing problems. The example shows the 171 communes of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.


Dorling, Daniel (1996): Area Cartograms: Their Use and Creation, Concepts and Techniques in Modern Geography (CATMOG), 59

Dykes, Jason and David Unwin (1996): Maps of the Census: a Rough Guide

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