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Adrian Herzog

Some Projects

Java applet

cartography, 1st tests

solitaire game
Java applet, Mac OS X widget

The settlement of the Canton of Zurich
Interactive applet for visualization of the age buildings.

Time Space
Interactive applet for visualization of travel times.

3D-visualization of a polygonal statistical surface
percentage of housewives in Switzerland
ArcGIS; for NZZ-Folio; with (vray)

3D Map of Population
rendering of 3D map of day and night population
Java, Structure Synth, Sunflow

technical details (in german)

time cartogram of the Gotthard region

arrangement of Swiss parties

Tax Burden Mountains
visualization of tax burden in Switzerland
ArcInfo, Cinema4D; for NZZ-Folio; with Claudia Hofstetter and

Long/Lat to Swiss coordinates
Tool to get Swiss coordinates (LK)
Google Maps, JavaScript

Google Map Image Overlay Tool
Small application to fit an image in a Google map
Google Maps, JavaScript; with Claudia Hofstetter

Latitudes and longitudes of addresses
Google Maps, JavaScript

Distance Matrix
Kilometers and time distance between addresses
Google Maps, JavaScript


GPX on Google Maps
Based on
Google Maps, JavaScript


Processing.js inside Sencha Touch
Hello world of Processing.js inside of Sencha Touch
Sencha Touch, Processing.js"

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